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How We Serve

Financial matters can be complicated. We serve you by simplifying the process and educating you about financial options to help you achieve your goals. Money is very personal to each of us and our goal is to provide you with personalized attention to address your financial concerns.

We serve your best interests in many ways including utilizing a clear and repeatable financial planning and investment process, a strong commitment to service and privacy, access to the latest technology, transparent fees, and flexible meeting locations.

Our clients include:

  • Individuals and families, including women in transition, retirees, and pre-retirees
  • Nonprofit entities, family offices, and institutional investors

Our Commitment

We work closely with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding about your financial position and clarity on the investment plan and recommendations that we provide.

We understand the importance of providing independent, objective financial advice. We have access to an extensive global platform of wealth management solutions that are not proprietary to a large bank or brokerage firm, and we conduct extensive due diligence on our recommendations to ensure accuracy and quality.

Our team is committed to delivering superior service through timely contact with you. We strive to continually exceed your expectations by providing prompt resolution to all inquiries. True Capital’s team also completely understands the importance of exercising utmost discretion as it relates to your privacy concerns for all financial matters. We have significant safeguards to protect confidential information through our technology infrastructure and on our premises.

Throughout this process, we get to know you and your family well, and it’s an honor for us to be closely involved with each of you throughout life’s journey.

Fees and Expenses

Compensation for our services may be arranged according to your preference:

  • Annual fee based on the assets that you entrust to our team
  • Commission
  • Hourly rate
  • Or a blend of the options above

Fees and Expenses are always disclosed in advance of any work that we perform on your behalf or for any financial planning, investments, or insurance that we recommend.

Our Results

We believe results matter. Investment performance is just one aspect where we strive to exceed your expectations, though it is only one piece of the puzzle. Successful results for your short term and long term planning goals can be more efficiently accomplished with our help. We’ll work with you to eliminate the issues that do not pertain to you, identify and prioritize those that do, and develop a customized roadmap with next steps and timeframes to address each issue. With our roadmap and frequent review, you’ll see significant results.